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Create a Stable Brand Monetization Source

Youtube Adpocalypses, constant risk of demonetization, and fleeting brand sponsors have created an unstable cashflow environment for creators. Merchandising is the stable source of revenue to turn to, and Merchdock provides the full service platform to deliver quality merch to your fans quickly and efficiently.






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What's Included

Merchdock Go Service Suite

When you work with us, we tailor merchandise to your specifications and handle the logistics from beginning to end. We are experienced in coordinating the everything from the complexities of supplier relationships to the warehouse logistics, fulfillment and customer support.


Shopify Store

We custom-build a fully functioning Shopify store designed to complement and propel your brand.


International Distribution

With 3 warehouses in the US and UK, your merch can be delivered quickly to fans on an international stage.


Product Logistics

We develop products to your vision and then source, coordinate shipments, and oversee operations to your fans' doorstep.


Customer Support

Our experienced support staff ensure your fans are satisfied and get the support they need if issues occur.

Product Selection

Delight your fans with a full array of custom-branded products


We work with dozens of vetted suppliers based in the US and in China to produce custom t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and bottoms in a wide variety of materials and printing methods.

Clothing Accessories

Expand your merchandise collection with branded snapbacks, socks, wristbands, backpacks and more. Leverage our rolodex of specialty manufacturing partners.

Promotional Goods

Allow your fans to further rep your brand with posters, stickers, waterbottles, party supplies, and more.

Custom Packaging

Elevate your brand and delight your customers by making the unboxing process unforgettable. Custom polybags, boxes, and packaging options available.

Custom Toys

For long-term clients we offer development services for both custom plastic-injection molded and plush toys. Think figurines, bobbleheads, plush animals, etc.

Special Projects

With a strong background in product design and manufacturing, our product team can undertake special projects to create products designed and produced from scratch.

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